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Paul and Maryann built the house sparing no expense in 1998. They raised their two children at the house. Paul is the founder and CEO of Steelman Partners, the largest architectural firm in Las Vegas. The house was designed as a classic Medici Villa. The Medici Villas in Italy are a series of buildings in rural Tuscany. The villas served several functions: they were the country palaces of the Medici, scattered over the territory that they ruled, demonstrating their power and wealth. They were also recreational resorts for the leisure and pleasure of their owners; and, more prosaically, they were the center of agricultural activities on the surrounding estates. In 2013, the Medici villas were added to UNESCO's World Heritage list.

The planning of a Tuscan Villas was usually in distinctive "H" Plan. The planning of a Villa always created a Grand Central Hall and as a passage to and from the Villas two parallel wings. As Villa design progressed through the 1500's it became less practical to split the plan in the middle with the Grand Salon. I thought that this planning approach would allow the family to be together on the first level but be in distinctive private locations on the second level. Paul and Maryann made several trips to Italy visiting the many of the Villas. Many pieces of furniture located in the home were purchased in Italy. The house is a simple design with classic proportions.

The landscaping was inspired by the rear yard at Villa Gamberraia, Florence.